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Car Insurance Companies

Have you been on the search for cheap auto insurance? Enter your Zip Code at the top of this page to start comparing the lowest rates from top auto insurance providers. Auto insurance is one of the largest facets of your vehicle’s operating cost. Drivers today cannot control fuel prices, vehicle tax or how often regularly scheduled maintenance should occur. You can control the cost of your automotive insurance. Car insurance companies have affordable rates and different discounts you could be eligible for at a moments notice. Give yourself peace of mind knowing by comparing insurance rates the coverage you decide upon gives you the best service responsiveness in your time of crisis with the greatest amount of value. Stay ahead of the pack by finding the cheapest auto insurance company for you today!

USAA Insurance

USAA auto insurance is used primarily for all active duty military, honorably discharged veterans and their families. This company prides itself on long lasting relationships with its military clients. They come highly recommended for customer care; the support team answers all inquiries and making sure the customer has an efficient and worry free experience about making auto insurance decisions. Once one compares quotes with this car insurance company online, they will go the extra mile to find extra deductions and possible ways to save more money in comparison to larger insurance companies.

AAA Insurance

AAA insurance is one of the top auto insurance companies around the United States. AAA hosts many automotive benefits alongside great insurance coverage such as roadside assistance, publication journals with helpful automotive information and international travel planning insurance. AAA’s offers comparable insurance discounts along with their excellent services to their customers keeping cars and people satisfied with affordable coverage.

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Auto insurance was designed to keep auto insurance costs low. Their vehicle insurance features a multitude of discounts including multiple policy, family plan, defensive driving, good student and various other savings that knock down the cost of insurance overall for individuals. It is possible to have a quote reduced between 40-65% in costs without any reduction of the needed coverage. Nationwide also searches for new discounts for your insurance policy with notifications about other ways to save.

Current Nationwide customers appreciate the affordable insurance rates just as much as they appreciate Nationwide’s assistance during crisis. 24 hour live response and assistance with diligence added to the level of care make Nationwide very respected by consumers. Nationwide is known as the affordable car insurance company, yet one of the best.

Progressive Insurance

Progressive Auto insurance was one the original online car insurance comparison companies. People recommend Progressive insurance because of their transparency. Making the decision for the right insurance coverage was made simple because Progressive levels the playing field for large insurance companies using Name Your Price tools for insurance, extensive insurance buyer’s guides and extensive details about auto insurance for teens. The insurance discounts Progressive offers include multiple vehicle policy, electronic signing/billing discounts, accident forgiveness and many local discounts dependent upon your state of residence. Progressive Auto insurance empowers people looking to switch and reduce their policies to be filled with more than just numbers about deductibles, they seek to fill each driver with the appropriate knowledge to make the right insurance decision.

Allstate Insurance

As one of the largest insurance companies in America, comparing Allstate’s insurance quotes to other companies is surprisingly refreshing. This large company is one of the cheapest auto insurance companies for drivers. Allstate features safe driving bonuses, deductible rewards and new car replacement if your original new car is totaled withing 3 months of purchase. Allstate adds value by including popular discounts on top of these bonuses. Many of these discounts are qualified when applying for an insurance quote so you can have the best idea on total costs of insurance. Allstate is the all around insurance company that over 16 million Americans trust and are able to generate the most value with their money.

State Farm Insurance

State Farm Auto insurance comes highly recommended for greatest quality levels of insurance. State Farm has the ability to adjust an insurance quote for potential customers looking to switch their coverage with triple option payment packages or custom coverage to keep insurance affordable. Like other large insurance companies, State Farm offers a multitude of discounts to help their customers save the most. Where State Farm sets itself apart as an insurance agency is their ability to create a personal relationship with each customer. State Farm made its name for handling claims in times of automotive crisis quicker than many of its more information at


Esurance Auto insurance focuses on one goal as a small insurance company, customer savings. A completely digital experience, when comparing coverage rates online, Esurance has the lowest premiums by nature without the additional discounts and features to assist in saving money. The complete insurance business is conducted online with simple interfaces to help customers find the rates they want at prices they can afford. Current Esurance customers switched from the large insurance firms to reduce paperwork, dealing with an agent and have a no hassle approach to automotive savings. Esurance has live 24 hour assistance in times of crisis. The beauty within this insurance company is customers are able to serve themselves and save more income.


Geico Auto insurance not only has the best advertisement in the US for insurance, but the testimony of satisfied customers to make their claims stand. As one of the largest insurance companies on the market, Geico offers comparable savings discounts for government employees, military and students. Many people choose Geico for the amount of extra value put into every policy.

Liberty Mutual

The best car insurance company currently is Liberty Mutual. Professional care for customers combined with no extra fees and reoccurring reductions rates for insurance policy lifetime equal the most loyal customer base. There are few insurance companies capable of matching or having lower costs. Be sure to include Liberty Mutual in all insurance company quote comparisons.

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